How do i prepare a house for a photo/video shoot?

  • Apart from what is seen in the creative video below, please also ensure all light sources are turned on prior to the photographer showing up. This includes bedside lamps, pool lights, deck lights, living room lamps etc.

When can I expect my photos to be delivered?

  • Delivery for any day time photography shoot is 3pm the following day the photos were taken.

  • Twilight photography will be delivered by the end of the following day the photos are taken.

These delivery times are an expectation we do our best to uphold, but we cannot guarantee this every time. Certain Circumstances can affect delivery times.

When can I expect my video to be delivered?

  • Delivery for any Video Tour is three working days. Our team works hard to deliver any video tour before this time frame, but this is not always possible.

  • Customer Testimonial Videos have a five working day turnaround.

What exactly am I purchasing when I pay you for photography or video production? 

Good question and one that is often misunderstood. When you contract The Way Home to photograph or video your listing, you are purchasing a limited license to use the images/video we provide. As the photographers, we retain all ownership and copyright to the images we provide. It's similar to the way music, software, eBooks and movies are sold. You own a limited license to listen to/use/read/watch and enjoy the content you purchased for personal use. But you can't go burning multiple copies of it and re-sell it on the street. Depending on how you plan to use the images, our licensing agreement covers most situations. The license is non-exclusive and non-transferable to third parties without our permission. If the designer, builder, stager, architect, homeowner or anyone else involved in the project wants to use the photos, please simply refer them to us. We try to be flexible and fair, allowing you to get the maximum value out of the images we provide while protecting our rights as photographers and video producers.